You are important, everything is sanitized before shipped out.

Welcome! I’m Andrea aka Tigress, FOE. Check me out on eBay, 312 sales, 100% positive feedback.

Making you happy is all I care about! I will bring you the best service you will ever have.

I have thousands of items and that is why I’m asking for donations. I need to get rid of my things.

Before donating contact me. In your message, include the product sku, It consists of numbers and letters, it looks similar to this -001c. Include your name, zip code and email. I will contact you when I box up all the items and get the shipping rates.

Anything to show measurements is not for sale and is estimated and may not be the exact size, length. New products might not have the original packaging. Used items, always expect the worst

You will be charged the exact shipping fees.

If your not 100% happy return the items & I will give back your donation.

“Donations help with paying for advertising this site, keeping this site up, gas, bills and a little entertainment for me.”

Three ways to donate:

Cash App Preferred! There is no fee sending or receiving money. Click here to sign up and take $5 off your order and get $5 from Cash App.


PayPay.Me There is a fee if you don’t select sending to friends and family.

🡣 PayPal 🡣

Papal always charges me a fee if you send money to me this way. You can increase the amount, just select the arrow in the box below.


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