1 Santa Pez -176c
Mini Car -174c
1971 Bozo Plastic Mug -173c
Camping cookware. Pot handle is rusty & everything needs deep cleaning -172c
I don’t think my brother & I ever played with these, not tested -171c
Little Glass Bottle -078c
2 Candy Dishes? -077c
Not a toy -076c
ty -075c
Bottle Holder -074c
Used -073c
Toy Cars -072c
Very Small -071c
Bent Cereal box license plate -070c
Plate + stand -069c
Stamps -068c
Tonka -067c
Tin Jack Daniels Can -066c
Wisconsin Shot Glass -065c
Empty bottle, you can still smell the perfume -064c
Cups Only-003c
7″ Empty Roses, Roses Cologne, Avon Bottle -005c
2.5″ Sweet Honesty Cologne Avon bottle -006c
There is a “little” cologne left in it.
3″ bottle -007c
Has some perfume left it it not much.
6″ Orange Vase -008c
3 Chicago Bears Glasses 4″ -009c
2 Glasses 4″ -010c
3″, Frog Top Perfume Bottle -011c
Has some perfume left it it not much.
3″ Empty Horse Perfume Bottle -012c
2.5″ Empty Perfume Bottle -013c
3″ Perfume Bottle -014c
4.25″ Empty Perfume Bottle -015c
Seagram Sea Breeze Stir Stick -017c
Indian Head Stir Stick -018c
AA Stir Stick -020c
Union Pacific Railroad Stir Sticks -021c
Ballerina, Brown, Common Wealth USA Stir Stick -022c
Fisherman Stir Stick -023c
5 Stir Sticks -024c
Different Color Stir Sticks -025c
Glass or Plastic, Clear Stir Sticks -026c
Used, the first one looks like it was heated and melted at the tip.
3 Stir sticks -027c
Cream of Kentucky and American Airlines -028c
TWA, MC Donald’s 2 more -29c
Used, I’m not sure what the white with the threads and the paddle looking one are or who made them.
Magic The Gathering 030c
To See all the cards click here!
Used, Some of the cards are not cards at all but paper cut outs. From where I don’t know.
One 1.75″ Mexico collectible -031c
Needs restored or a cleaning. On the back it has this on it “Restaurant O Choa Bali-hai Mexico” I can’t be sure of any letter I type and near the word Mexico there are letters I can’t read. Damage present with both items.
Cadillac LMP 60th Anniversary, Le Mans, 2001 -032c
L 6.5 W 4.5 Candy Dish -033c
1 sheet of Stickers -34c
One 5″ Action Figure -035c
Needs a cleaning and not sure if anything is missing.
2004, 158, Hot Wheels -036c
102/250, Hot Wheels -037c
4/10, Hot Wheels -038c
21/38, Hot Wheels -039c
58/250, Hot Wheels -040c
Width 7″ 1 Box -41c
Tray is damaged, easy fix for a handyman/woman
One Pipe Ashtray -042c
One Metal Comb, needs deep cleaning -043c
Pokemon -044c
Has imperfections like creasing and wear.
7 Yugioh Cards 1 Official Rule Book -045c
Many imperfections like creasing and wear.
Missouri Salt & Pepper Shaker -046c
I disinfect everything & clean up my items but this one needs more cleaning if your going to use it.
Camel Lighter 47c
Not Tested, pretty beat up.
Lighter -048c
Not Tested
Lighter -049c
Not Tested
Key chain -051c
Some Cards -052c
Mix -53c
Small Elephant -054c
186 Racing Cards, duplicates and not all shown -055c
Shoe -056c
Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, 1 Pokemon -057c
One Handyman Club Of America Medallion -058c
One Bear Pin, needs cleaning, it’s old -59c
My favorite toy I think this was bought in the late 70’s or early 80’s -60C
Very tiny dice -61c
Needs to be restored -062c
Small -063c