Everything Else

Took two pic’s of this. Not sure what it is. –88ee
Teen, young woman or anyone with a small waist -085ee
Some bristles bent -083ee
Little note block, black -082ee
Brown thing is near 4.5″. Flowers need to be cleaned or replaced. -081ee
Just the one & ruler not included. -80ee
Only one about 8 to 10″, not sure really. I bought this new, never used it. I think it’s for pictures. Load it from your PC. Not sure if it works. -079ee
Estimate Candle Holder 2″, Empty Bottle 1″ -077ee
Estimate 2″ -076ee
Estimate 3″ Salt and Pepper Shakers -075ee
Estimate 1″ Salt and Peeper Shakers -074ee
Shower Curtain Hangers -073ee
Estimate 3″ -72ee
Heavy Coffee Cups -71ee
1 Tea Cup, 1 Coffee Cup-070ee
Metal Leaf Keychain -067ee
Discolored -059ee
Not sure if all cards are preset -056ee
Small belt-055ee
Small belt-052ee
Not sure if this is complete -050ee
Bella Sara Cards, some imperfections -44c
34 Plastic Champagne Flutes and 28 bases, 4 or 5 bases have minor cracks -041ee
Mix -040ee
4 Coasters -039ee
2 Meat press & 8 storage containers -038ee
Thick -037ee
Mix -35ee
Bow -034
New -033ee
I checked to see if the ink is moist and it is. -032ee
Toy Soldiers -031ee
Fishing Line -030ee
New, Wall Mount For Hand Held Showers -029ee
Not sure what this is -028ee
Fishing weights -027ee
Incense Holder -026ee
Incense, Candle Holder -025ee
5″ Fish Ashtray -001ee
1 Large Jewelry Box -002ee
Damage present, with imperfections.
1 Mirror -003ee
Has Imperfections
A little bit of everything -004ee
Used, expect imperfections, damaged in some way, this is old stuff and not sure if the Direct TV thing works. The handcuff is heavy, there is only one, the other is missing, the silver necklace is broken there is no connecting piece. and I’m not sure if it’s real silver.
Tasco 3.3 X Barlow Lens -005ee
I don’t know a thing about this or it’s condition but cap was closed so I assume it’s fine.
Davidson’s Kid Works 2 -006ee
Instant Negotiator -007ee
My First encyclopedia -008ee
Small Toys -009ee
Expect wear as these were well played with. I see the keychain dreamcatcher rope needs repaired or replaced.
Small toys -010ee
Very small disc -011ee
Mix Toys -012ee
Paper loose from case -013ee
New -014ee
One Toy -015ee
Keychain -016ee
Tiny Manstore Handcuffs -017ee
Old paint, think from the late 70’s or early 80’s -018ee
One Toy Car -019ee
One Card -020ee
Open Dice -021ee
Mix -022ee
Barbie, Claudine Longet, Jan Davis, John Rowles, The Turbo-Jets, Roy Drusky, J. Gold Gallery, Promenade, Rev. Carey Landry, George Shearing Quintet, The Box Top, Cozy Records, The Honey Cone, The Archies -023ee
Expect scratches, I seen one had a crack on the edge and one warped. If these don’t work use them for crafts.