Estimate 3.5″ to 4.5″ -033g
8″ Vase -032g
Estimate 3.5″ -029g
Shot glass -028g
8.5″ Vase -027g
4″ -026g
4″ -025g
4″ -024g
4″ -023g
Small mug estimated 3 to 4″ -22g
Shot Glass -021g
2 Shot Glasses -020g
Shot Glass -019g
Shot Glass -018g
Shot glass -017g
3″ Has a nick -016g
3″ -015g
Shot glass -014g
3″ -013g
4′ Letters fading -012g
Two black shot glasses -011g
Heavy shot glass -010g
Letters fading -008g
Two shot glasses -007g
Not sure if these two are shot glasses or used for something else -006g
Plastic is open in some places -005g
One Bottom’s up glass -003g
Shot glass -002g
Defect and a nick -001g