Broken -163j
First set of earrings, to the right of the very long one, they don’t have anything on the back to put in your ears -162j
Band broke & not tested -161j
1 Flower Pin -156j
Charm -151j
9″ Necklace -150j
9″ necklace -149j
Bracelet -148j
Bracelet -147j
Earring 1 Piece -146j
Jewelry -001j
Necklace on the left is 12″ and gold tone. Necklace on the right is 33″ silver & gold tone.
Size 6 or 7 purple stone ring -002j
23″ Necklace -003j
31″ Necklace -004j
Clip On Earrings -005j
7″ Bracelet -006j
9″ Necklace -007j
Red, white and blue 15″ necklace -008j
Clip On Earrings -009j
8″ Necklace -010j
11″ Necklace + Earrings -011j
Pin -012j
Pink Earrings -013j
5″ Bracelet -014j
23″ Double Necklace -015j
16″ Child’s Beaded Necklace -016j
8″ stone bracelet -017j
7″ Old Bracelet -018j
10″ Bracelet -019j
7″ Bracelet -020j
12″ Necklace -021j
12″ Necklace, 2.5″ Medallion -022j
It looks like the chain by the medallion needs repair.
10″ Necklace -023j
12″ Necklace -024j
It looks like there is a nick on the black part.
21″ Necklace -025j
12 Watches -026j
Not tested, assume they do not work. Nicks, scratches, band and face of watch damaged, broken or deterioration, missing hands, expect the worse with these items.
12 Watches -027j
Not tested, assume they do not work. Nicks, scratches, band and face of watch damaged, broken or deterioration, missing hands, expect the worse with these items.
Necklace -028j
Necklace, not really sure -029j
West Coast Chopper Belt Buckle -030j
Wear present
Grandma & Charm Pin -031j
One 1.5″ Locket -032j
One Cross Necklace -033j
Used, cross is made of wood and some type of metal piece on it .
One Necklace -034f
Necklace is broken, stones missing.
9″ Necklace and Earrings -035j
Necklace needs a ring on the end to connect it to the other side.
2 necklace trinkets, 2 earrings. -036j
Bracelet & Tiny Necklace Charm -037j
Bracelet needs cleaning.
Gold or Gold Tone -038j
Ring, Size 7, 8 or 9 -039j
Ring, Size 6, or 7 -040j
Missing stones.
Ring, Size 6, or 7 -041j
Has 3 letters I think, one may be an A, can’t read the rest on the band.
1 Ring, Estimated size 4 or 5 -042j
1 Ring, estimated size 4 or 5 -043j
Grandma Necklace & boot charms -044j
12+ ” Necklace -045j
10.5 ” Necklace -46j
Earrings -047j
Quintuple Necklace -048j
Clasp holds it together but needs a new one as this one is corroded.
1 Piece -049j
I tried to show different views of this. The first and 2nd picture is without editing.
Plastic Flower -050j
Not sure what this is -051j
1 Piece Clip-on Earring -053j
Broken, these are 2 different pieces -054j
1 Piece Earring -055j
Earrings without the posts -056j
Clip-on Earring 1 Piece -057j
Earring 1 Piece -058j
Mix -059j
Mix -060j
Pin -061j
Charm -062j
1 piece Skew Back Earring -063j
Mix -065j
1 Piece Earring -066j
1 Piece Earring -067j
Broken Jewelry -068j
1st picture, I think, not sure, one earring(bottom left, has no post) is sliver & one necklace(bottom) is gold. 2nd picture is just a close shot of two small items.
Necklace -069j
Mix -070j
The white & black bead things, the left one is broken. Bottom circle earrings, one has nothing to hold the earring to your ear.
Rabbit Ring -071j
Hot Air Balloon Charm -072j
Skull Charm -073j
Pretty Ring, Size 6, 7 or 8 -074j
Ring, Size 8, 9 or 10 -076j
Pinkie Ring, Size 3, 4 or 5 -077j
Missing stone in the middle.
Earrings -078j
Elephant Charm -079j
Earrings -080j
Earrings -081j
Necklace -082j
Necklace with a ring to hang something from it -083j
Bracelet -084j
Necklace -085j
Necklace -086j
Earrings -087j
Bracelet -088j
Necklace -089j
Necklace -090j
Pinkie Ring, Size 4, 5 or 6 -091j
Heart charm -092j
Pair of earrings -093j
Pin -094j
14.5″ Necklace -095j
Kink I seen
1 money bracelet -096j
Two bracelets -097j
12″ necklace -098j
Pins -099j
Flowers leaf is broken off.
Bracelet -100j
Broke clasp
Pins, earrings -101j
2 earrings, one is missing clip and the other the post. Wear, corrosion with somethings.
Pins, broke and wear present -102j
Mix and broke, missing stones -103j
Broke -104j
Necklace, great to melt down make something else -105j
Plastic necklace for a young girl, it’s long -106j
Plastic necklace for a young girl -107j
Charms and string -108j
Mix, dreamcatcher feathers missing -109j
Mix kids jewelry -110j
Mix -111j
Watch not tested, assume it doesn’t work.
Choker Necklace -112j
This is a heavy 12″ necklace -113j
10″ Necklace -114j
3.75″ bracelet -115j
Mix, necklaces are broken -116j
Mix -117j
Earrings -118j
Ring, Size 5, 6 or 7 -119j
Ring, Size 5, 6 or 7 -120j
Earrings -121j
4 earrings not 100% sure if they are pairs -122j
Earring 1 piece -123j
Earring 1 piece -124j
Earrings -125j
Cufflinks -126j
Cufflinks -127j
Cufflinks -128j
Cufflinks -129j
Mix, missing stones, and a broken piece of a necklace -130j
Cufflink -131j
Not sure what this was -132j
Earring 1 piece -133j
Earring 1 piece -134j
Pin -135j
Earring 1 piece -136j
Necklace -137j
Necklace -138j
Necklace -139j
Mix, broken -140j
Bracelet and Necklace -141j
Earrings -143j
Necklace -144j
Broken Necklace -145j