Mix Things

Toys -01f
The 2″ horse is new, the lantern not tested, the ball puzzle not sure if all the pieces are there, the plane might be missing or have broken parts. The cat toy button is pushed in, still works.
Mix -02f
First picture, The ring is crushed. Seen missing earrings, and a loose stone.
Bunch of Junk -03f
Broken chains, last picture sticker left side below it a plastic Chinese star, next to it a plastic art piece you can paint and two cards. The two pictures in the middle, just junk for art projects, first picture a thick plastic butterfly, ball game which has a crack in it and doesn’t affect playing it, and a pink change purse.
CD: Beyond Grand Canyon CD -04f
CD: Sheryl Crow CD -05f
ByGrace Amos & Margaret Raber CD -06f
CD: Art Bergmann crawl with me CD -07f
CD: Tracks Music Volume Two CD -08f
CD: Yaz Upstairs At Eric’s CD -09f
CD: Alpha Relaxation Solution Unwind with Alpha Brainwave Pulses CD -010f
CD: David Binney the luxury of guessing CD -011f
CD: Christopher Lawrence United States Of Trance CD -012f
CD: Evita CD -013f
CD: Silver Screen Classics CD -014f
CD: Soul Man CD -015f
CD: Billy McLaughlin the Bow and the Arrow CD -016f
CD: Randy Wood My Heart and Soul CD -017f
Wonderful Town CD -018f
Music of the Shamans CD -019f
Subject to Change CD -020f
Paper stuck on the top of the CD from booklet. Possible water damage.
Scrabble PC CD -021f
Paper stuck on the top of the CD from booklet. Possible water damage.
Jimmy Barnes Freight Train Heart CD -022f
Romantic Tides CD -023f
Toddler play & learn Dics 4 -024f
XBOX 360 Dragon Age II 0001f
Before Today CD -025f
Toddler Play & Learn Disc 3 -026f
George Winston Summer CD -027f
VHS Arthur’s Tooth -028f
PC CD Musical Instruments -030f
Bibles & Religion PC CD -032f
PC CD Bookshop Classics -029f
DVD Larry The Cable Guy Git-R-Done -033f
DVD My Little Pony Friends are never far away -034f
DVD the last mimzy -035f
the elms -036f
Billy Joe Royal Greatest Hits -037f
Andrew Carlton Falling In -038f
Irish Favorites -039f
Black Cross Art Offense -040f
Music for Kids PC CD -031f
Morning Java -041f
Steel Drum Rhythm Moods -42f
Gada addictive lifestyle -43f
Ridin The Hi-Line -044f
Top Hits of today -45f
Steve Roach Space and time -46f
Relax With Wild White Water -47f
Billie Holiday The Jazz Masters -48
Good Clean Fun -49f
One 5″ empty box, no pegs -50f
One 6″ Waterfall -051f
It doesn’t work.
Plastic shower Curtain Rings -052f
35 mm film for color prints -053f
One 7″ Doll House Furniture -54f
New, Doll Screw Size 25 -55f
One Small Professional Peeler, Box is 4.5″ -56f
4″ Rake, Frog, ez record forms -057f
Rake is damaged, frog’s glasses is damaged/broke.
1 Musical Horse Jewelry Box -058f
It works but needs restored.
Larussa Baseball Sega Game -059f
Books cover is loose
Hogan’s Alley Nintendo Game -060f
Super Cobra Parker Brothers Fame -061f
Film -62f
New, Develop before 12/2000
Santa Planter -063f
Needs to be repainted.
Pinocchio VHS -064f
Damage case, left side.
Christmas Decorative Plate -065f
Damaged, looks like a piece or two is broken off on base.
5 Music Cassette Tapes -066f
Temporary Tattoos, Christmas decoration, Craft with card and small keychain -067f
3 Cards Pokemon, Yugioh and Bakugan -68f
Poor, Yugioh has something on it and all cards have imperfections.
Samsung Flight, CD Guide -70f
Wooden Train -071f
Open, Not sure if all pieces are present.
Cross Stitch Ducky -072f
Appears the plastic needle is missing, everything else is present.
Tea Leaf Reading Book -073f
Looks like Kool-Aid attacked it 😉
Snowy Night Hallmark Puzzle -074f
13 7/8″ X 19 7/8″
New, plastic has holes. Junk made it’s way in-between the can & plastic.
Nancy Drew Warnings at Waverly Academy -075f
CD 2 is missing. I might find it later.
Higurashi Book -076f
Book does not lay flat, creasing on front/ back cover a few pages in the inside. Everything else looks good.
Book The Dog -077f
Book does not lay flat, spots inside front & back page.
Eve Of Destruction CD -078f
Harry Connick, Jr -079f
VHS The Adventures Of Milo & Otis -080f
PC GTA Vice City -081f
One Disk, I might find the other.
Little Book Sheets of Hangman -082f
DVD, D-Day -083f
Case is Damaged, CD looks great.
Damaged CDs -084f
These I know don’t work. Some are even broken. Great to melt down for your crafts.
DVDs: Duel Master’s Guide, Jakie Chan’s First Strike, Barbie Rapunzel, Son Of The Mask, Red Fury Captain Johnno Lost In The Barrens Rugged Gold White Fang, Yu-Gi-Oh Enter The Shadow Realm, Joseph Kings Of Dreams -085f
PS2: Crash Nitro-Kart, DragonBall Z Budokai, Super Monkey Ball Adventure, Metropolismania, Scaler -086f
PS2 Gundam Federation vs Zeon, Half-Life, Rugrats in Paris The Movie, Twisted Metal small brawl, Final Fantasy, VIII Disc 4 (might have other CDs for Fantasy, check back) -087f
Music CDs, Gloria Estefan Into the light, A Very Veggie Christmas, Saison -088f
Care Bears, SBC Yahoo (Internet Connection CD), Sega Dreamcast Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000, The Woman’s Day Cookbook, Juno (Internet Connect CD), Blue’s Clues ABC Time Activities -089f
Barbie Feature Film DVD, Mouse in a Stew PC, Walking With Dinosaurs PC, Ohio Distinctive Software Vol. 1, Zoboomafoo PC -090f
Clifford Learning Activities PC, Putt-Putt’s One Stop Fun Shop PC, Pokemon Trading Card Game PC, The Horse CD not sure if it’s a Game or DVD, Animal Hospital Triple Treat PC -091f
Sam & Max Season One PC, Care Bears Land Of Enchantment PC, The Magic School Bus PC, Donald Duck Goin’ Quackers’ PC, Training Adopted Dog DVD -092f
Joe Satriani -093f
Shinedown -094f
Nero Express, Ahead Software -95f
AMD -096f
Sherlock Holmes The Awakened -097f
Isabella A Witchis Curse -098f
Microsoft Money 2003 -099f
The Longest Journey CD 1 & 2 -100f
Gods and Generals, Command Conquer Generals -101f
Might find other CD, check back later.
Secret Weapons Over Normandy Disc 3 -102f
Might find other CD, check back later.
4 CDs Atlantis Evolution -103f
2 CDs Nibiru -104f
Voyage -105f
Might find other CD, check back later.
Civil War The Game -106f
American Conquest Fight Back Disc 2 -107f
Might find other CD, check back later.
Card Shop Plus -108f
Belt L 36 or 37″ -109f
Men’s Belt, L 39 or 40″ -110f
Rue21 Infinity Besties Forever, Care bear cupcake decoration, Yu-Gi-Oh Trap Card -111f
The Remnant Cassette Tapes -112f
Tudors Book -113f
Neil Diamond September Man -114f
Medal Of Honor Frontline, World Thoroughbred Championships, 102 Dalmatians -115f
Finding Nemo, Katamari, Ghost Recon 2, 007 Under Fire -116f
Toddler `Letters & Numbers -117f
Toddler Tunes Disc 4 -118f
CD Elton John Love Songs -119f
MM Millennium -120f
PC Tomb Raiders Chronicles -121f
DVD Britannica’s Fairy Tales -122f
Thomas & Friends The Great Festival Adventure -123f
My Very First Little People Farm -124f
Civilization III, vin Diesel the Pacifier, Learn & Play Harmonica, Manga Females Clip Art, World of Animals Dinosaurs -125f
3 have cracks near the center. They all have scratches, deterioration. Might work I don’t know, assume they don’t. Great to melt down for your crafts.
Innings and Quarters -126f
Nancy Drew Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake -127f
Nancy Drew, The Creature of Kapu Cave, Trail of the Twister -128f
Snap! Everyday fun & learning, Spelling -129f
Britannica The Wonderful Language Of Nature -130f
pure hidden -131f
Tai Chi -132f
Great Outdoors Pack -133f
Disney’s Animated Story Book Pocahontas -134f
The Land Before Time Dinosaur Arcade -135f
imaginext Pirate Raider -136f
CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2009 -137f
Master Gecko’s Home Row Typing -139f
Encyclopedia Britannica Homework Essentials 2004 -140f
Hacker, Walking with Dinosaurs, The Wheels on the Bus, One World -141f
Open your wine with this 😉 -142f
Necklace, toy tiger & gun -143f
Mix of things -144f
Basic Life Support (L) index cards -145f
I’m not sure if all cards are present.
Destiny’s Child Survivor -146f
Get Fit -147f
Medal Of Honor. Barbie, Dukes Of Hazard -148f