Used items can have many things wrong or nothing at all. These toys without a description worked before putting them in storage. I didn’t test them. If things don’t work you can use them for crafts.

Stain -089ty
Homemade dollhouse rug -087ty
1 trailer, guessing 7″ -084ty
1 dog 1 bear, guessing 2 to 3″ -082ty
2 bunnies, paws have magnet’s, guessing 2 to 3″ -81ty
Guessing 3 to 5″ -079ty
Small, guessing 3 to 5″ -075ty
Not sure if all monkey’s present, no top -073ty
Guessing 3 to 5″-072ty
6.5″ -071ty
4.5″ -070ty
4.5″ -069ty
Hand bag -068ty
Money is plastic -064ty
Not tested, guessing 3 to 5″-060ty
Guessing 4 to 5″-055ty
Car is stuck in the bottle -050ty
Guessing about 4 to 5″ -045ty
Not tested -036ty
Two wood leaves, two cool valentines card with names written on the back and one toy -035ty
Not tested -031ty
Mix -027ty
Mix -026ty
1 truck, guessing it’s 6 to 8″ -025ty
1 motorcycle if I had to guess how long it is, it’s about 8 to 10″ -024ty
1 truck -020ty
1 boat -019ty
1 car-018ty
1 Heavy car -016ty
1 dog toy-015ty
Seen a crack under the window -014ty
Not tested -013ty
All washed, wouldn’t hurt to wash them again -001ty